About Us

We are the friend every artist should have.

Stus is a locally owned and operated business solutions company located in West Hollywood, California. Our creativity, however, knows no boundaries. We have pursued ways to creatively combine strategy with technology to construct innovative business solutions that will help businesses – big and small, established and new – to gain the momentum needed to grow. Throughout our pursuit, we have observed, learned, experimented, and succeeded.

Our Process

How we work?

We encourage artists to have a clear vision. Studios and Artists are often confused about their destinations so we help them decide on one. We study the current trends and keep a check on the market’s pulse.

This lets us map the routes for businesses to progress. While our clients are on the drivers’ seat, we patch the roads to make the journey as smooth as possible.

We are available at every turn and curve to ensure they don’t meet any dead ends and reach their goal without any deviations. We have been partnering with businesses all across the world from the manufacturer to the attorney. We will work with anyone that has a vision. After many years of working in the corporate sector, we are determined to make sure all businesses have the opportunity to succeed! We completely understand what you deal with on day to day basis.

Why Choose Us?

Over 9 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry doing Project Management, Artist Management, and Recording Studio operations.

Over 40 combined years of experience in Business Operations and Management

Qualified, Experienced, and Knowledgeable

Hands-on problem resolution

Competitive Pricing Structure

Recommended by Industry Leaders

We're not a reseller, we're an expert like yourself

We care about your success, even if it's not with us

40 + Years of Combined Experience

Our team brings 40 + years of combined experience in assisting businesses with high-quality solutions. Stus has experienced professionals from the advertising, conventional and digital marketing, business administration, studio operations and artist management. Their in-depth knowledge about business strategies and management techniques has helped our clients thrive in a competitive market.

Philosophy at Stus

Our philosophy revolves around building and maintaining an understanding and productive relationship with our clients. We make this possible by limiting our client base so we don’t have to juggle our clients or overburden our minds. Our team members go an extra mile to assist clients with all minor and major concerns. Whether it is setting up a website, establishing a social media presence, artist management, or advertising the business, we have always fulfilled our clients’ requirements and continue to do so. Our achievements are a result of our team’s expertise and dedication.

We help to create strategies, design & development.


Our Client Experience

“LaDonna is the plug! Professional and always willing to help.“
E.D.I Mean


“LaDonna is smart, honest and professional. She is the best Project Manager in Hollywood.”
Skip Saylor

(Aaliyah, Brittney Spears, Eminem)

“...she's humble...even when I'm being an ass, she always comes through! I will run my race with her...she's a winner for sure!“
Dave Foreman

(DJ Quik, Bruno Mars, BJ the Chicago Kid)

“The calm eye of the record-making storm as chaos swirls around her.”
Ben Grosse

(Depeche Mode, Bootsy Collins, Madonna)

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